Story of the Year

With a slew of upcoming groups such as newcomers Story of the Year, teen angst has never been so toe-tapping. The St. Louis based band's debut album is a radio-friendly assortment of 12 punk-rock tracks for the emo crowd. Though the band brings nothing new to the punk-light movement, the disc is right up its target audience's alley. My o­nly major problem with PA was a mistake I felt the group made o­n a large portion of the tracks. Songs such as "Anthem of Our Dying Day" and "In the Shadows" got off to an extremely promising start until lead singer Dan Marsala decided it would be a good idea to scream like a gunshot victim instead of showing off his impressive pipes. Even so, the band manages to make mosh-worthy, mini-masterpieces, including the opening and closing tracks "And the Hero Will Drown" and "Falling Down". While the album may not be the story of the year in my books, when it comes to softcore, punk-rock for the Warped Tour aficionados, Page Avenue deserves a visit.

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