String Cheese Incident

In this day and age of radio safe "rock and roll" it's nice to know there are still some bands o­n the road willing to go to work. This brings us to The String Cheese Incident at Club Soda o­n Wednesday night October 24. For those who don't know or have never heard of The String Cheese Incident they can best be described as a jam band, mixing dreamy jams with hillbilly rhythms, with a bit o funk o­n the side, a Phish meets The Osborne Brothers kind of thing. The band has an interesting sound, due to the instruments played; this is not your standard guitar based band. Lead by Bill Nershi o­n acoustic guitar and joined by four very talented players, Michael Chang who is making quite the reputation for himself in music circles o­n electric mandolin, acoustic mandolin and violin, Kyle Hollingsworth o­n keyboards, Keith Moseley o­n six string electric and four string acoustic bass, and power house drummer percussionist Michael Travis. The band came to play, bringing there own sound system and lights and a very professional crew to run it all "The Cheese" played over three hours of music broken up into two sets.The sound was excellent and the lights were just enough to be effective. The jam packed Club Soda (850 plus fans) was dancing all night, the energy level was fun and infectious.Young American concertgoers are still ready, able and willing to follow a psychedelic jam band across the country and even across the border.The faces in the crowd may have a few less wrinkles and perhaps the fans are a bit more pushy than the o­nes seen at your last Grateful Dead show, but last night's Incident at The Club Soda serves as proof that the so called Granola culture is alive and well, even in Montreal.

Here is the set list:
Set 1: Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Miss Brown's Teahouse, Dudley's Kitchen, Hotel Window, Mouna Bowa, Sing A New Song >> Jam >> Sitting o­n Top Of The World.
Set 2: Texas >> Jam >> o­n The Road, Cedar, Dream, Wake Up >> Jam >>Shine.
Encore 1: Crosstown Traffic
Encore 2: Bluegrass Instrumental, Good Times Around The Bend.

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