Susana Baca

Spanish singer Susana Baca has dedicated herself to preserving Afro-Peruvian music. Originally from Chorrillos (outside Lima), she grew up listening to Cuban musicians like Perez Prado and Benny More. Her music touches o­n various emotions and she includes an inspiring message of hope in the cd slip. "On September 11th, a few blocks away from the World Trade Center, I rediscovered the reason to continue to do what I do. To sing is to overcome pain and death," says Baca. "On that fateful day I reaffirmed my belief that it is up to everyone to work towards a universal understanding amongst men so that there will never be any reason for criminal acts." Some interesting tracks are "La noche y el dia" a soft sung tune that leaves an impression. The rhythmic "Caraunde" is charming. "De Mayo" as Baca describes, is about everybody and is a thread that joins the body with music. Bjork is credited for "The Anchor Song" a track that is simply enchanting. Nice effort.

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