Swept Away

"Swept Away" is, without a doubt, the worst movie in Guy Ritchie's oeuvre – that's not to say it's a bad movie, just incredibly flawed. Ritchie's remake of the 1975 Lina Wertmeuller classic feels a bit like a vanity project – something he dreamed up to appease his notoriously egoistic wife, the iconic Madonna. The movie details a cruise gone awry as rich, bitchy, married socialite, Amber (Madonna) finds herself stranded on a desert isle and at the mercy of Giuseppe, a scraggly socialist sailor (Adriano Giannini). In Amber, Madonna, seems to be playing a character who, arguably, isn't unlike her real-life persona and actually aquits herself rather well. Adriano Giannini, for his part, reprises the role m ade famous by his father in the orginal, and exudes a considerable amount of charisma as the bedraggled fisherman who ultimately becomes Madonna's love interest. There is a great deal of chemistry/sexual tension between the two as they ultimately consumate their love/hate relationship. In fact, the preamble to Amber's reluctant "rescue" (ie. roughing it, the burgeoning romance) constitutes the best and most compelling aspects of the movie. Once they return to the mainland, the story unfortunately falls flat and quickly becomes rather cliched. Mind ya, I suppose one can't really blame Ritchie or Madonna (for once) – the script hails from the 70's, making the ending feel dated, not to mention wildly improbable in this day and age.

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