If you like groups such as Daft Punk and Air, you might want to keep an eye out for Telepopmusik's forthcoming album. This trio includes Christopher Hetier (aka DJ Antipop), Fabrice Dumont and Stephane Haeri. Expect cool electronic beats, unique samples and music for the club dance floors. "Breathe" gets the party started with some sweet vibes followed by the title track. It's vibrant and off the wall. Sounds a bit like a tune from Depeche Mode (can't remember the title though). "Love Can Damage Your Health" is a bit o­n the bleek side. It lacks the enrergy found o­n previous tracks. "Animal Man" drops the beat with some off the hook Hip Hop grooves. Cool guitar riff in the background as well. "Free" also stands out. Fast paced lyrical skills that make a lasting impression. "Da Hoola" (Soda-Pop mix) falls short for some reason. The performer and the backdrop of sounds just don't impress. Things end off o­n a soft jazzy tone with "Yesterday Was A Lie."

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