Ten Foot Pole

Try to imagine a mix of Rage Against the Machine with Jimmy Eat World and American Rejects.  Add a touch of influence from Nirvana and you have Ten Foot Pole.  This is an energized, savvy group of guys with political and musical know how.  Their title is a phrase coined by George W. Bush in response to an accusation about subliminal techniques in his electoral ads; the idea is a combination of subliminal with abominable.  The effect is pretty much 'shoot from the hip' honesty concerning today's international morass of political liars. 
Enough of the politicking-on with the music.  Every song o­n this album is great for a different reason.  There are the traditions of relentless drums, jerky guitars and up-tempo tunes performed to their individual best and all together it creates something bigger then expected.  There are new levels of depth and grit to the band that has played over a 1000 shows in ten years.  This of course is just the beginning.  After a quick renovation the band is now composed of new comers Mike Levy (bass) and Eric Cody (lead guitar).  Denis Jagard continues to intensify the vocals (and guitar) and finally, Kevin Ruggeri is still there o­n drums.  There is a great mix here of heavy tunes and understated humour.  This is a band taking advantage of the sliding scale of popular music, it is also a band that never loses sight of their trademark urgency and sincerity. 

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