Texas is an awesome band from Scotland and don't let the name confuse you, this is not a country album.  Allowing for some steel guitars, Texas actually has more of a rock, pop, reggae influence with a bit of punk attitude thrown in for good measure. The quality of music is definitely above the average mélange band circling the airwaves these days.  Singer Sharleen Spiteri dominates with her powerful voice to keep the energy focused.  Beyond her band members, she is riding this wave with some very talented Euro folk.
Careful What you Wish For is a collaboration with underground West London dancehall crew Suncycle, uber pop producer Trevor Horn, Liverpool studio legend Kingbird, as well as cult drum & bass obsessive Ceri 'Sunship' Evans.  Help from the songwriter's songwriter Guy Chambers & the renowned 'Madonna Mixer' Spike Stent, allows Careful to be Texas' most diverse & ambitious album to date.  Songs like 'Telephone' and 'Under Your Skin' are o­nly two of the potential hit singles that makes this disk enjoyable.  'Carnival Girl' has a Rhythm and Blues /Hip Hop flair that makes it distinctive from the rest of the album.  Slower balladic moments of melancholy to harder rock edges keep o­ne from ever feeling bored.  The guitars have a gorgeous quality and the vocals stand up to continuous play.  Check out Scotland's Texas; their vibrant sound will leave you wanting more.

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