The Banger Sisters

First time helmer Bob Dolman (writer of Willow and Far And Away) does a respectable job of fast-forwarding the lives of two groupies from the late '60s: o­ne who's living in the past, and o­ne who denies it. Suzette (Goldie Hawn) is a rock'n'roll hen who's still barmaiding at the Whiskey A Go Go, and still reminiscing about by-gone rock icons like Jim Morrison. Lavinia/Vinnie (Susan Sarandon) is a rich socialite living in Phoenix with her aspiring politician hubby (Robin Thomas) and her two bratty teenage daughters (Erika Christensen and Eva Amurri, Sarandon's real-life daughter) They meet again, decades later when Suzette gets fired from her job (really, her lifestyle), and seeks out Vinnie to borrow some funds and reconnect with her long-lost friend. o­n the long drive from Hollywood to Phoenix, Suzette picks up Harry (the always-outstanding Geoffrey Rush), an obsessive-compulsive scribe experiencing burnout and unresolved personal issues.

Hawn and Sarandon display their seasoned talents in credible, funny, and touching performances as the long-lived friends peeling away each other's long-buried personal revelations. An endearing buddy comedy that mixes laughs with wry and bittersweet observations about friendship and the pathways of life.

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