The Best Of Soul Coughing

Get ready for a really strange experimental avant-garde jazz album. This group hails from New York and comprises of M. Doughty (guitar/vocals), Gil Antoni (keyboards), Sebastien Steinberg (double bass) and Yuval Gabay (israel drums). They have written for some soundtracks, which include The X-files. The first track "Bus To Beelzebub" will put you in a trance. Repetitive and really not about anything in particular. Innovative sound though. "Sugar Free Jazz" follows and its vibe is more mellow but similar in style to the previous o­ne. I am detecting a trend here that I think will continue. How right I am. "True Dreams Of Wichita" also has a strange feel to it. "Screenwriter's Blues" is more happening. "Unmarked Helicopters" combines some guitar riffs and tries to blend it with a jazzy backdrop. "Super Bon Bon" tries to mix Hip Hop, jazz and rock. The plan is not successful. "The Idiot Kings" is o­ne of the better tracks o­n this album. "Rolling" is repetitive. Also included is a radio edit of "Super Bon Bon" and the live version of "Casiotone Nation." 

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