The Bourne Identity

Move over James Bond!!!  "The Bourne Identity", a taut spy suspense-thriller, sets the bar rather high for future flicks of this genre. Unlike the aloof, jet-setting 007 or buddy Ben Affleck's sputtering take o­n Jack Ryan, Matt Damon perfectly evokes Robert Ludlum's "Jason Bourne", a special forces C.I.A. operative/lethal killing machine. As the movie opens, a bullet-riddled Damon, adrift in the Mediterranean is rescued by a small fishing vessel. From that rather ominous beginning, he is o­n the run, all the while trying to piece together who he is, even as he evades capture by countless pursuers. Damon is aided and abetted in this perilous endeavor by the aptly cast, Franka Potente, playing a character reminiscent of her memorable Lola in "Run Lola Run". Many elaborate subterfuges come to light as our intrepid "hero" delves more deeply into his makeshift past, discovering far more than he ever wanted to know. What sets this movie apart from others of its ilk, apart from the uniformly excellent performances and sublime cast which also includes Julia Stiles and Clive Owen, is the startling action sequences that will leave you gasping in disbelief. That coupled with the frenetic thrill-a-minute pacing, deft directorial touch of Doug Liman and, of course,  terrific source material – the Ludlum novel from which the movie draws its name – makes for an edge of your seat cinematic experience – let the popcorn fly!!!

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