The Cat in the Hat / DVD Edition

If ever there was a movie role meant for Mike Myers, it is that of the troublesome Dr. Seuss character, The Cat in the Hat, cranked up a few notches as o­nly Mike Myers could do.  Take Wayne Campbell, The Coffee Talk Lady, a little bit of Austin Powers and some Cowardly Lion (another famous cat, but Mike Myers can't take credit for that o­ne) and you have the modern day version of an old time Dr. Seuss favourite. Put your uptight, intellectual ideas aside, and enjoy a hilarious 82 minutes of cool special effects, colourful and fun sets, non stop props,  hilarious gags and no limit to what passes for funny. The  cast of characters includes Alec Baldwin as Lawrence (the next door neighbour/ mom's  boyfriend)  and Sean Hayes doubling up as the talking fish as well as Joan's (the mom played by Kelly Preston) boss Mr. Humberfloob, an obsessive compulsive with major issues. o­n a wet, rainy day with nothing to do Conrad (Spencer Breslin) and Sally (Dakota Fanning) get a visit from The Cat in the Hat who brings with him a crate full of trouble and Thing o­ne and Thing Two. The rhyming is fun, but what's more fun is what ensues. Sally, the bossy control freak who doesn't know how to have fun and be spontaneous and Conrad, the troublemaker/ rule breaker who is o­n his way to military school if Lawrence gets his way, learn a new lesson in fun when the Cat comes to visit. When their mother gets called to the office, they are left at home with the sleepiest babysitter ever. When the cat arrives, he spices things up in their otherwise boring lives. The cat has o­nly o­ne rule: do not open the crate for it is the gateway to chaos. But then what would the movie be about? So, the crate gets opened by Conrad, because he is the Rule Breaker. What happens next?  The adventures are non stop and increasingly outrageous. At first they're fun, but when things become too out of control Sally and Conrad learn the most important lesson, "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how". What they also learn is how to get along with each other and work together.  Of course if they would have listened to the talking fish who wanted to get rid of the cat altogether, there wouldn't have been any fun at all.

Conrad's Bonus Features:
Click o­n Conrad to learn about the movie
-The Hat
Who's responsible for that hat?
The story about the hat, all the different things the hat does
-The Real Dr. Seuss
The story of o­ne of the most popular and celebrated children's authors, Ted Geizel, A.K.A. Dr.
-The S.L.O.W.
About the car driven by the Cat
-The Kids
The Spencer and Dakota o­n the set
-The Cat Stacks
The Cat balancing, juggling, singing, the props
All the cool stuff the Cat does
-The Mother of all Messes
What happens when Conrad opens the crate
-Dance Along with the Cat
Follow and learn 8 dance steps and dance along with the Cat

Sally's Bonus Features:
Click o­n Sally to learn how the movie was made
-The Dirt o­n D.I.R.T.
The machine that cleans up the house
-Suesseville, U.S.A.
The Purrrr-fect stamp
The U.S. Post Office is introducing a commemorative Dr. Suess stamp
-The Cat
Who's responsible for that Cat?
What should the Cat look like?
Using the original story to design the image of the Cat
What Mike Myers should look like as the Cat
-The Fish
Who's responsible for that fish?
Sean Hayes, the voice of the fish
-The Music
How the music adds to the experience of the movie

Deleted Scenes
Feature Audio Commentary with Alec Baldwin and Director Bo Welch

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