The Cranberries

After a long absence from the music scene, The Cranberries have returned with "Wake Up And Smell The Coffee." The album starts off with the gentle sound of "Never Grow Old." The pace picks up with the second track "Analyze," which many of you may have already heard. Lead singer Dolores O'Riordan gets global conscious o­n "Time Is Ticking Out" with lyrics like "What about deprivation, gluttony, the human nation. Looks like we've screwed up the ozone layer, I wonder if the politicians care." Her message is simple "For Me Love Is All." "This Is The Day" is a powerful track followed by "The Concept" which takes o­n a more subtle tone. Other interesting songs include "I Really Hope" and "Every Morning." The sound of this album is quite similar to their previous o­nes with elements of pop rock and a celtic touch. Dolores's voice is remarkable as usual and backed up by the talents of Noel Hogan o­n guitar, Mike Hogan o­n bass and drummer Fergal Lawler. The group also takes credit for writing and producing the tracks o­n this album. Longtime fans will not be disappointed.

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