The Doors

It's  been  twenty-nine  years  since  Jim Morrison's  controversial  and  premature  death  in France and the mystique,  the  interest  and enthusiasm associated with The Doors has hardly weaned.   As a matter of fact their songs are still heard routinely o­n the radio and the music  is  continuously  drawing  in  younger  fans. The Doors are an international phenomenon devoid of equal, particularly when you consider that  the  band was merely together for a very short stint. We remember Jim Morrison's antics, his mass appeal,  his poetry and songs;  they  will  live  o­n eternally.   All the selections o­n this disc sound cleaner and fresher than ever before given that every o­ne of the tunes have been entirely digitally remastered.  The capabilities of modern technology are truly astonishing.   These two compact discs  include  thirty-eight  of  your  favourite  Doors tracks including two rare bonus tracks, "No Me Moleste Mosquito" and an extraordinary special  multi-media interview selection with Ray Manzarek. Photos and a link to The Doors official web site are also  included o­n this enhanced CD. The songs o­n this evocative new release sound  as  reverent  today as it  did  over  thirty years ago. This CD is treasure intended for any Doors buff, young or old.

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