The Flaming Lips

Following the release of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots–The Lips most commercially successful album to date–the band has decided to release this B-sides EP. Clocking in at a mere 33 minutes, the disc is generally targeted at die-hard fans of the ground-breaking band and their unique sound. Lead singer Wayne Coyne's vocals shine through o­n some previously unreleased songs (the noteworthy "Assassination of the Sun" and "A Change at Christmas") while it's the band's instrumental work which stands out o­n the EP's countless remixes of their last album's tracks ("Do You Realize Postal Service Remix", two new takes o­n "Ego Tripping"). The disc is an atmospherically dreamy collection, giving off a soothing feel, similar to that of the entire Yoshimi album. With groovy beats and idiosyncratic lyricism, Gates is relaxation music at its finest. o­nly a band as talented as The "Lips" can prove that it is possible for the "B" in B-sides to stand for brilliant.

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