The Flaming Lips

For starters "Fight Test" is not a full length CD, with o­nly 32.47 minutes of play time o­n 7 tracks. o­n a positive note the disc o­nly costs about half the price of a regular disc.  The previously released CD, "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" was critically acclaimed although receiving little fanfare from mainstream music fans. The first track o­n the disc is the folksy "Fight Test", from "Yoshimi". Three enjoyable cover tunes reside o­n this album, beginning with Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head." (recorded live in Seattle in 2002)  Minogue's top forty hit is converted into a downhearted lament of yearning; this o­ne's a masterful and clever remake. Next up the "Lips" cover Beck's "The Golden Age," (recorded live in Ohio in 2002) and make it their own, with vocalist Wayne Coyne's best Neil Young -like vocal performance to date. The next live cover tune is Radiohead's "Knives Out" (recorded in Los Angeles in 2002); this o­ne is slower than the original with more emphasis o­n piano. The two original new songs o­n the album are "Strange Design Of Conscience" and the amusingly titled "Thank You Jack White (For The Fiber optic Jesus That You Gave Me)," a brisk countryesque tune. It must be remembered that this album was produced o­n the fly, while the band was touring.  I really enjoyed this disc and recommend it to anyone into noncommercial imaginative music.


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