The Grateful Dead

For all of you that missed The Grateful Dead phenomenon back in the heyday of the sixties here's your chance to rediscover a slice of history. Of course many of you will already have this, The Grateful Dead's first album release in LP format and its more recent CD format; I fall into the former group. This CD has been re-mastered and sounds great; I compared it to my original CD and the new copy is noticeably enhanced. Some of my favorite "Dead" tunes appear o­n this disk. The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) into Beat It o­n Down The Line and o­ne of my favorites, Morning Dew make this 15 track jewel worth the price of nostalgia. Yes 15 tracks and not 9. This CD includes 6 tracks previously not included o­n the album, among them are: Alice D. Millionaire, Overseas Stomp, Tastebud, Death Don't Have No Mercy and Viola Lee Blues (studio and live). This wonderful recording glistens with a vibrant energy unheard of today by any band.

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