The John Scofield Band

John Scofield's foray into electro-jazz funk / psychedelic jams may have originally manifested itself o­n "Uberjam" and now continues o­n "Up All Night." Understandably, a musician with Scofield's abilities needs to experiment with diverse forms of musical expressions. I remember hearing Scofield sitting in with Medeski, Martin and Wood and his sound fit right in with the ever psychedelic jam band. This 11 track concoction is wonderful. Check out the restrained interaction o­n "Creeper," and the refined rhythm o­n "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get." Avi Bortnick (rhythm guitar, samples and loops) has grown to be an even more remarkable guitarist, since the release of Uberjam. I really enjoyed the bizarre "Thikhathali," possibly my favorite track o­n the album; the diversity of genres o­n this song is reminiscent of a "Phish" jam. Numerous tracks feature extraordinary horn musings, such as "Four o­n the Floor." I really enjoyed the wistful, "Like the Moon," Bortnick again gels magnificently with Scofield, this atmospheric tune, chirps and chimes and reminds me of a typical Bill Frisell track, and the crescendo is hauntingly beautiful. "Up All Night" is o­ne of the most enjoyable CDs John Scofield has put out in years; but please be informed, this CD is not for everybody; o­nly the adventurous should apply.

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