The Matrix Revolutions

The final chapter of the Matrix trilogy brings about the conclusion of Neo's (Keanu Reeves) quest. The sountrack reflects the story's action sequences and evokes emotions with a whirlwind of sounds. Don Davis begins the journey with "The Matrix Revolutions Main Title," a quick paced musical soundscape. "The Train Man Cometh" begins with a gentle sound then quickly escalates to reflect the character's eerie vibe. The music gets rockin' with "In My Head." "Woman Can Drive" relects the fast paced action from the movie. The highlight of the album is the final track entitled "Navras." Juno Reactor and Don Davis collaborate on this fusion track which features fast paced techno sounds and verses from the ancient Indian scriptures "Upanisads," sung by Laxmi Shankar, Azam Ali, Mabi Thobejane and Deepak Ram. Some beautiful flute playing is courtesy Deepak Ram as well. The translated verses of the Upanisads are included in the CD slip and are spiritually enlightening. If you enjoyed the movie, this album captures the essence of it and is worthwhile purchase.

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