The Mothman Prophecies

Director Mark Pellington (Arlington Road) describes his latest this way: ãI was not interested in making a sci-fi movie or even a supernatural movie. I describe it as a psychological mystery with naturally surreal overtones.ä The Mothman Prophecies is based o­n events surrounding the 'Mothman' sightings (in 1967) in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia culled from the same-named nonfiction book (by John A. Keel). The story centers o­n a Washington Post reporter (Richard Gere), whose wife (Debra Messing) dies suddenly in a car accident, leaving him grief-stricken and confused as a series of inexplicable incidents occur two years later. He finds himself strangely drawn to a small town in West Virginia, where the townsfolk experience visitations from a shrouded mothlike creature, and soon he is getting premonitions (and odd phone calls) from the local oddity. Is it alive, or is it Blair Witch? What could have potentially been a real psychological suspense chiller turns tepid and wan halfway through, and though the ending is a bit of an action boost, there's not much interest, menacing or not, generated by the Mothman.

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