The Music

"The Music" is o­ne of the most exciting new bands to come out of  the UK.  Made up of four adolescents, "The Music" is bringing back the magic of UK guitar bands. Their new self-titled album encapsulates the band's youthful rush of energy, and will strike the listener by their powerful guitar oriented music; the kids will make you dance.  The 10-track album includes both the recent single "The People" as well as a re-recorded version of "Take The Long Road And Walk It," as well as live singles "Disco" and "The Dance." High-energy guitar rifts and funk-rock rhythms prove why they are the latest sensation of the young bands in the UK.   Despite their young age, band members Robert Harvey (Vocals and Guitar), Adam Nutter (Guitar), Stuart Coleman (Bass) and Phil Jordan (Drums), display an impressive array of songs that boast outstanding musicianship and maturity.  With this album, "The Music" has officially created a massive name for themselves, and a strong foundation to build upon for the future.

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