The Others

Kudos to Alejandro Amenabar's ambitious film project about a mother named Grace (Nicole Kidman) and her two ailing children (Christopher Eccleson and Fionnula Flanagan) living in a mansion, o­n an island off the British coast.  The story is set near the end of the Second World War, Grace is waiting for her husband to return from combat, her children have a rare disorder that prevents them from being touched by sunlight. Initially you're left wondering, what's going o­n here? The arrival of three servants (Elaine Cassidy, Eric Sykes, Alaina Mann) adds a spark to this delightfully uncanny tale. The Others weaves a story of foggy images, uncertainty and the blurred line between reality and fatality.  Several key features of this film make it meaningful watching.  I can quite honestly rank this film among my ten favorite films of the year. Outstanding production (direction, cinematography) along with a clever yarn and an outstanding cast makes The Others a must see this summer.

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