The Ring

I really enjoy fine supernatural thrillers and I love horror flicks. Numerous films of this genre have one thing in common though, they don't deliver, thrills, or horror. Sure these films give you a launch every twenty minutes or so, but several events are soo predictable, and even more are placid, silly, or both. The Ring on the other hand, delivers, in every way. The movie opens like any second rate horror film with the introduction of an urban legend. This urban legend is the central focus of the film, and it works. This movie is unpredictable; it is down right creepy and drags you along, ready or not. This one is a must "theatre see" no pause button, just you, the screen and a roller coaster ride of a spooky scenes that will imbed themselves in your conscience. Some of the stars in this one include: Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, David Dorfman, Brian Cox and Jane Alexander.

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