The Sum OF All Fears

John Clancy's role of Jack Ryan, previously performed by Harrison Ford in The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger is reprieved o­nce again. This time around Ben Affleck wears the shoes of CIA agent Jack Ryan. Affleck's Jack Ryan should not be compared to previous versions performed by Ford. Affleck is less intense and audacious than Ford, still Affleck plays the ideal foil to the unparalleled Morgan Freeman (head of The CIA). Memorable performances by James Cromwell (President Fowler), Ciaran Hinds (Russian President) and Bridget Moynahan (agent Ryanís girlfriend) also add to make this film worthwhile watching. The basis of the movie is quite simple, a nuclear bomb winds up in the hands of terrorists who are resolute to craft atomic warfare between Russia and the U.S. The film's plot may have sounded absurd prior to the horrors of 9-11 however now, Clancy's plot has become much more powerful and plausible. What if terrorists detonated a nuclear bomb o­n American soil? Anyone familiar with Clancy's previous adaptations will find the same wry humor, twists, suspense, and terror that we have witnessed previously.


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