The Travelling Birds

If you've ever wondered about where these V-shaped flocks of birds are migrating to, or marvelled at their finesse of flight, The Travelling Birds (Le Peuple Migrateur) should top everyone's must-see list. Jacques Perrin (producer of Microcosmos) and his devoted, intrepid crew spent years following these avian creatures o­n journeys of thousands of miles (spanning North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia) beset by hazards of nature, animal and human predators, toxic pollution, etc. The audience is treated to an Imax-worthy, majestic view of sky, wind, and sea, along with the extraordinary and up-close observation of the birds' voyage: soaring, swooping and sunning. After watching this spectacular homage to our fine, feathered friends, you may question the meaning of "bird-brained"…


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