The Tuxedo

Jimmy Tong (Jackie Chan) is your almost-average NYC cab driver. Thanks in part to Jimmy's "lead foot" he is enlisted by the CSA to chauffeur their secret agent Clark Devlin. Eventually, Tong finds himself taking over the roll of his injured boss on a series of missions and is accompanied by agent on the rise, Del Blaine (Jennifer Love Hewitt). Of course all this good fortune has come Tong's way thanks to his new super-powered Tuxedo. Together, Tong and Blaine forge ahead in a film loaded to the brim with comedy and action – all while managing to fight Diedrich Banning, who plans to take over the world's supply of drinking water. This high action script is bolstered up by a very dramatic filming style, which may very well set some new Hollywood trends. This film is fun and entertaining and has a good deal of visual depth to chew on. The Tuxedo is great for one of those spontaneous movie outings, enjoy.

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