The Wallflowers

It's  been  four  years  since  The Wallflowers  released their multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated album Down the Horse.   The Walflowers have returned with their most introspective and intimate album to  date.  Apparently, singer / songwriter Jakob Dylan has come to terms with his legacy and his relationship with his superstar dad, Bob Dylan.  Jakob was recently quoted as saying, "The best thing you can do is write honest songs, songs with some amount of truth in them. I got to the point with  this  record  where  that's  what  I wanted to do."  Jakob has come into his own o­n this, his newest release.  From the  opening  track  ("Letter from the Wasteland")  which  sounds  like  a  heartfelt verse aimed at his father and life o­n the road.  Jakob further  explores  genuinely  personal  issues  such  as  his  coming  to terms with stardom and some of the disappointments attached to fame.   "I've been delivered " is a festive song that reassures us that Jakob  has withstood  the  low  points  in his life and has stepped into a wiser and more comfortable skin.  The more I listen to this album the more I enjoy it.  When you check out this  recording  take  note  of  Elvis  Costello's backing vocals o­n Murder 101; enjoy.

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