The Watchmen

Think all rock groups have long hair and tattoos? Not The Watchmen. These guys have a cool urban look and their music is in a league all it's own. These Canadian rockers were recently in Montreal for a concert at Club Soda. Here are some excerpts of our exclusive interview with Daniel, Joey and Ken.

Tell me about yourselves?
Joey: "I'm a little overly sensitive."
Daniel: "I'm 30 years old and known as a legendary lover."
Ken: "I'm 32 years old, from Newfoundland, 6'4 brown eyes and I got pretty good teeth."

How did you guys meet?
Joey: "I met Danny in Kindergarten. We were in our first band together at the age of thirteen in Winnipeg, and we would play lunchtime shows at our junior high school. We fell in love with music and learned to play other people's music. Eventually we started writing our own and have been doing it ever since."
Ken: " I met these guys about ten years ago and have been with the band ever since."

What were you doing before The Watchmen?
Daniel: " I was a dishwasher, sold clothes and worked in a record store."
Joey: "I was delivering furniture but Daniel got me fired because he left a 1000$ piece of merchandise in the worst place in the city."
Ken: "I was playing with 200 different bands and was the photo editor for Music Express magazine

How was the name the Watchmen chosen for the Group?
Joey: "It was a comic book series. A cultish underground favorite. I loved the book and passed it o­n to the guys and they thought it was a cool name. I hear that they are finally going to make the movie and we would love to be art of that music. It would be great.

How would you define your music?
Ken: " We've gone through so many transitions with every record. Danny's voice is pretty captivating. People have called our current album electronic, electronic rock. Standard guitar, bass, drums and vocals but with the addition of lots of instrumentation. Especially o­n this record there is a lot of keyboard. I would describe it as electro organic music.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Daniel: " I listen to different kinds of music. I like R.E.M., Nick Drake, Peter Gabriel. Everyday I try to hear something new everyday. I'm a sponge. I try to find something good in everything I hear.
Ken: " It's highly varied but Bob Dylan is my inspiration for songwriting.
Joey: "Different people inspire me for different reasons. Someone like B.B. King would inspire me for his purity and professionalism. Somebody like Pete Townsend would inspire me as a songwriter and guitarist

What are the three things you like about Montreal?
Joey: " The beautiful women, it feels like a different country because of it's European flair, and the shopping.
Ken: "The courteous drivers, the language and diversity, the bagels."
Joey: "I have to add the smoked meat."

Have you had time to reflect o­n your success?
Ken: "You kind of get trapped in a bubble when you are in the middle of it. It's tough. In reflection it's nice to think that I'm playing music and am able to pay my bills. I don't need to look for a day job and it makes me pretty happy."
Joey: " Every o­nce in a while, when we record a song and listen back to it, I'll realize that we have reached a new level. To me that's when I feel really successful.
Ken: "It's a different measure of success, when you can actually listen to what you've done and be proud of it. Not necessarily as in commercial success but more o­n a personal level."

Which artists would you like to collaborate with?
Ken: " If I could step o­n a stage with Bob Dylan for a tune would be a dream come true. At the moment I would pick Ronnie Syes. He's a great artist from the U.K. and is highly inspirational.
Joey: " I would love to co-write a song with Pete Townsend. He's inspired me and I've tried to emulate him as a writer and a guitarist.
Daniel: "I think Peter Gabriel would be cool to collaborate with."

So many artists are crossing over to movies, do you have any such projects in mind?
Joey: " Daniel was actually in a movie around this time last year. It's called Kanadiana and was screened at the Montreal Film festival last year.
Daniel: " I did the music for that and played a somewhat insignificant role but it was a cool experience. I've done some music for some other short films in Toronto.
Joey: " It's cool putting sound to an image."
Ken: "I worked o­n a tune with Daniel for Kanadiana. I dig that. Right now I'm doing remixes for other people. I'll do a soundtrack in the future maybe.

How do you find life o­n the road?
Joey: "It's always a party"
Ken: "Am addicted to the fans and the live shows but it's tough being away from loved o­nes. That's the tough part about it.

What can we expect from The Watchmen in the upcoming months?
Lots of shows. We will be in a town or city near you soon. We are shooting a new video in the next few weeks. A new single "Holiday" will be released. We are going to Australia in February and then to Europe. 

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