The Watchmen

Canadian treasures The Watchmen introduce a new chest of hits, Slomotion. You pay for o­ne yet receive two golden multimedia disks – Rewind and Fast Forward. Rewind is a manifestation of such former hits as Boneyard Tree and All Uncovered, reminding us what Daniel Greaves (vocals & piano), Joey Serlin (guitar, vocals & keyboards) and Ken "ObScene" Tizzard (bass & programming) used to do best: guitar-driven rock, fat snares and some of the snappiest tunes ever to hit the airwaves. Fast Forward rubs in their new, Prodigy-inspired electronic ointment. The overall effect is a burning cool sonic massage that penetrates the ears as Tiger Balm does the skin. Fear not, all ye organic rock enthusiasts! Although The Watchmen are plugging more into their millennial evolution, their legendary melodic, lyrical and rhythmic integrity dawns as surely as ever. With programming and sound effects, each of their eight fresh tunes induces anything from shivers through pulsing electrocution. All production and musicianship o­n both platters is creative and impeccable. The aromatic remix of yummy Watchmen Kodak Moment known as Stereo boasts the magical contribution of genius producer Rhys Fulber. Presiding over several Fast Forward tracks is guardian angel DJ Iain, harvested from Toronto's premium electronica. Thou shalt not miss Slomotion, and neither shalt thy brethren!

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