The Who

What does o­ne say to describe o­ne of the worlds best rock bands ever. "The Who Live At The Royal Albert Hall" is just pure rock and roll at it's best. Ever since adding drummer Zach Starkey(yes, Ringo Starr's son) the band has sounded great and the proof is in this live performance. This show was recorded in February of 2000 so John Entwistle was still alive and playing like the monster he was. This would have to be described as a greatest hits show as all the fan favorites are accounted for. Name it and it's there, "Substitute","My Generation", "See Me Feel Me","Drowned", etc…are all o­n this album. If there is a downside it is with the multitude of "guest" performers as in any case when you join 3 guys who have been playing for thirty plus years there will be some minor boo boo's. For me the most humorous moment is when Eddie Vader of Pearl Jam fame joins the band for "Getting In Tune" where the vocals are far from in tune, but this o­nly added a bit of dry humor and did not ruin the show in any way. Other guest include, Bryan Adams, Noel Gallagher, Kelly Jones, Paul Weller and Kennedy. Some of these names are from popular English bands and may not be familiar o­n this side of the ocean, but I can assure you the kids are alright. If you like your music live and you love rock and roll at it's best run don't walk to get this album, you won't be disappointed.

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