Tom Petty & the heartbreakers / The Last DJ

The legendary Tom Petty has a new album out called
"The Last DJ." Most of you loyal fans out there must have heard the first release off this album entitled "The Last DJ." It's a fun upbeat pop tune. The mellow "Dreamville" is a sentimental song recalling days gone by. "Joe" is a crude song but there is a dark reality in the lyrics that depicts a certain view that people with power profit from musicians who become nothing but packaged products. Tom Petty explores the difficulties of delinquent youth on "When A Kid Goes Bad." Another interesting song is "You And Me." It's a toe tappin' tune. The men out there who are casanovas "players" will be able to relate to the lyrics of "The Man Who Loves Women." Another noteworthy track is "Can't Stop The Sun." An interesting exploration of various issues on this album. Check it out.

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