She's got the looks, a great voice and a unique style. Who is this young diva? Her name is Toya and she recently released her blazin' new song "I Do" which is a funky hip hop tune that is getting some major attention. "How Can I Be Down" is another upbeat track which ranks as o­ne of the better songs o­n this St-Louis native's debut album. Toya softens up o­n "Moving o­n" and tells a tale of love gone wrong. She teams up with female rapper Penelope o­n the "Untouchables." Toya's vocal talent continues to impress with "What's A Girl To Do", "Bounce" and "Book Of Love" which features Loon. Murphy Lee of the St-Lunatics drops some rhymes with Toya o­n "I Do Pt. 2." If you like artists like Maya, Pink and Aaliyah you will definitely enjoy this album.

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