Trey Anastasio

Enough with the comparisons to Phish; this CD stands strong o­n its own. Check out this albumís hard-edged riffs along with the background vocals o­n "Night Speaks To A Woman." The first track (Alive Again) will bring you to the islands, with sparingly used horns and a couple of very melodic leads ala Trey. Rhythmic Afro-Cuban influences coupled with a solid bass punch adding to the bottom end are found throughout this disc. o­n a heavier Oysterheady composition "Mr. Completely" will blow out the wax from your ears. Trey is the consummate leader of this multi-disciplined band. He scripted all the music for the album, as well as the horn charts. Somewhat of a departure from Phish, which is a good thing since we don't know how much longer Phish will continue their hiatus. Most importantly if you're sick of the radio friendly music out there, then pick up this disc, it will not disappoint

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