This new group called Ultrapull is an addition to the current trend of pop music with rockin' guitar riffs. The band consists of Dale Everett o­n lead vocals / rhythm guitar, Gerard Garcia o­n guitar, Harry Meguerdichian o­n drums and Pete Griffen is the drummer. Lyrics are centered around usual themes like relationships, betrayal, breakups and lost opportunities. "Every song is a personal experience," says Everett, who co-writes the tracks with fellow band mate Gerard Garcia. "Most of the times it's something I'm going through, but there's actually been times when I don't know why I'm writing something, then the exact events of the song actually occur in the future." He goes o­n to say that it is the ultimate for him to be able to express himself through music in this way. Songs that stand out are the hype "Out For Me," the mellow "Never Have Words," and the hip "One More Time Around." 

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