Undercover Brother

From Superfly to Shaft to Jungle Fever, Undercover Brother pulls out so many clichés from so many other films, yet somehow the recipe works. The campy acting and action are totally predictable. o­n the other hand, if you enjoy laughing at mindless summer absurdity that may o­nly appeal to the lowest common denominator, then by all means, you will enjoy "Undercover Brother". The story finds the Undercover Brother, Eddie Griffin (Double Take) caught in a time warp from the 1970's. He hooks up with the Brotherhood to take o­n "The Man" and his flunky front man Mr. Feather, a real lightweight, played by Chris Kattan, (Corky Romano). Sistah Girl (the divine Aunjanue Ellis) falls for The Undercover Brother, while Griffin's persona is tempted by another weapon of sorts. Go watch the film you'll know what I mean. Enjoy the amusing sequences with Penelope Snow (Denise Richards). Countless amusing hijinks unfold as the plot winds down to an inevitable conclusion. Incidentally, this film's soundtrack is great, featuring tracks by James Brown and the Commodores.

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