Various Artists

Eric Hilton and Rob Garza have put together a compilation of songs that combine various genres like latin-jazz, samba, funky jazz, and even indo-jazz. Fifteen tracks appear o­n this unique compilation and will delight jazz fans everywhere. The sweet "Menina Flor" by Stan Getz and Luis Bonfa. "Chove Chuva" by Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66 begins with the Eastern sounds of the sitar that quickly gets jazzy with some uplfting rhythms. OGD (Road Song) by Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery is purely instrumental. It has a smooth flow and a great guitar to accompany it. The middle Eastern influences is clearly displayed o­n "The Fakir" by Carl Tjader and Lalo Schifrin. An interesting blend of sounds. "Something Else Again" by Richie Havens also deserves a positive mention. This instrumental piece combines jazz with Indian instruments like the sitar and the tablas. Elis Regina brings latin rhythms to center stage o­n "Bala Com Bala." The eclectic "Batacuda" by Walter Wanderley is a plesant listen as well. Other artists featured o­n this compilation include Chico Hamilton, The Wynton Kelly Trio and The Jazz Renegades

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