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Fiddle music may not be amongst the more popular of genres but it definitely has it's place. Acclaimed musicians such as Ashley MacIsaac and Natalie McMaster have brought this type of music to new heights and popularity. The scenic Cape Breton in Nova Scotia is famous for it's Scottish culture and of course celebrates fiddle music. This compilation was put together from live dances and shows which took place in the summer of 2000. Most songs include fiddle music accompanied by the piano and guitar. Brenda Stubbert is o­ne of Cape Breton's finest fiddlers. Her mastery of the instrument is apparent o­n the first track and the last. Three compositions by Jackie Dunn MacIsaac and Wendy MacIsaac are equally enchanting. Jackie learned the fiddle from Stan Chapman, also credited for the training of Natalie McMaster and Ashley MacIsaac. Celtic music fans will enjoy this.


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