Various Artists

First clothes, then sports apparel, now music? Yup. The FUBU team has expanded it's horizons by putting together a compilation filled with some of the hottest artists o­n the rap and hip hop scene. The CD cover is obviously another attempt to promote the clothing line. The album kicks off with several messages left o­n an answering machine, from the likes of basketball star Magic Johnson, Kid Capri, and Olivia. Nate Dogg, NAS and JS get the party started with the title track "Goodlife" Other collaborators include Ludacris, Keith Murray, Joe, Dawn Robinson, Lola Damone, Beenie Man, and of course o­ne of Fubu's biggest promoters, L.L. Cool J. India Arie's smash hit "Video" featuring reggae man Supercat is o­ne of the best tracks this compilation has to offer. The sweet sound of Connie McKendrick smoothes things out with "All of the Things" as the album nears it's end. The humorous conclusion is a couple of more messages left o­n Fubu's machine with a guy criticizing the owners for going overboard with their business ventures and asking them what they plan to do next. Design cars? Make movies? Print Fubu money? The possibilities

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