Various Artists

Prepare the bath, turn the lights down low and dive into "18 Soothing Laid Back Tracks" distributed by our friends at Universal Music. The ever popular Moby opens up the CD with the international renowned hit "Porcelain". Next o­n the list of soothing tracks is EMI's newest sensation, Coldplay, performing their popular hit "Trouble".  The CD continues with a few generally unknowns who add favorably to the overall relaxing ambience of the CD.  Also included o­n the CD is Massive Attacks' "Safe from Harm" and Portishead's huge hit "Sour Times".  Everyone's familiar with Artful Dodger Feat. Melanie Blatt performing their popular hit "Twentyfourseven".  My favorite song o­n the CD is Radiohead's soothing "Street Spirit".  The  tracks contained o­n this disc are perfect to relax to, either with someone special o­n a cold winter's night, or alone in a hot bath as the seductively soothing CD cover suggests.

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