Various Artists

Do You Know House? I didn't know much before, but now I'm hooked! I've heard quite a bit of techno, but unfortunately have neglected this truly groovy, raw and addictive music. This excellent collection of various talented House DJ's will open your mind and move your body for the entire non-stop hour-plus of fast beats, slow grooves, and melodic harmonies! The vocals chosen o­n all of the pieces trigger emotions and sensations that will guide you through a mental journey. Especially o­n, "One Kiss" mixed by Pacha, and "Stop! [We Need Each Other]" put together by Alexis P. Suter. Upon reading the liner notes of Do You Know House? I was able to grasp the concept of this collection. It was meant to give the listener a geographic story of some of the largest influences in House music's evolution. This is noticeable throughout the CD as it touches upon jazz, jungle, and hip-hop sounds. Electronic music fans or House lovers, enjoy.


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