Various Artists / Irv Gotti Presents The Remixes

Mr. Irv Gotti is the head honcho behind the record label that brought Ja Rule and the hugely popular Ashanti onto the music scene. This remix album is filled with eighteen Hip-Hop and R&B laced tunes from the many artists that he manages alongside noteworthy collaborators. Ashanti kicks things off with her hit Unfoolish followed by the remix to "I'm So Happy." This track features Charli Baltimore, Young merc and D.O. Canons. The Pledge features Ashanti once again in collaboration with Nas, Ja Rule and vocals by 2Pac. The "O.G. Remix" is a typical tune that one would expect from such artists. Lots of cursing and frankly not appealing. "Me & My Boyfriend" has Toni Braxton and I.G. putting a different spin on Beyonce & Jay-Z's current hit "Bonnie & Clyde 03." While Toni's effort is decent, Beyonce and Jay's version is superior. Mary J. Blige shines on the remix of "Rainy Days" feat Ja Rule. Ashanti gets seductive on the remix of "Baby" feat. Scarface and another remix of the same track feat. Crooked 1. This album has it's moments.

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