Various Artists / Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

The popular television program "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" offers up an upbeat soundtrack featuring some of music's big name artists. The limited double disc set features a DVD which includes a few music videos from songs on the playlist plus exclusive interviews and behind the scene clips with the five members of the show in New York City. Widelife gets the party started with Simone Denny on "All Things." Basement Jaxx keeps up the pace with Lisa Kekaula on the groovy "Good Luck." The seductive Kylie Minogue turns up the heat with "Slow," remixed by the innovative Chemical Brothers. Listeners will get a dose of old school rhythms with Junior Senior's breakout track "Move Your Feet." Jamelia is one of UK's upcoming R&B singers and displays her talent on "Superstar." 80's pop sensation Duran Duran's track "Sunrise" is remixed by Jason Nevins. A song for the dancefloors. Other artists include Elton John, Liz Phair and Sting. Check it out.

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