Various Artists / Tulear Never Sleeps

For those of you who enjoy discovering world music, you might find this album of interest. "Tulear Never Sleeps" features numerous artists from Madagascar giving listeners a taste of their culture. A detailed description of the origins of their music is included in the CD slip. Their local music is called "Tsapika." The album begins with "Ela lia," by Jean-Noel Gaston in collaboration with his companion Herline. Mr. Gaston is considered to be one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation. Indeed he displays his talents on this track. Teta offers up a groovy track entitled "Inay aka raha iny," who's elder brother is one of the founders of Tsapiky. He also offers up a second track entitled "Havelo" which is used to perform a ritual ceremony. Another interesting track is "Nahoda" by the popular Zezex.

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