Various / Chant Meditation

Chant Meditation
Various / Milan
By Seema

This album of Chant Meditation has 22 tracks of Gregorian Meditation. The music contained in this album can be considered as more spiritual or religious. When someone near and dear passes away, it is often the case to question oneself and the relationship with God. Dom Robert Guillot, the Master of Chorus (L'Abbaye Notre-Dame de Ganagobie) breaks this down into three parts. The first point he makes is regarding the awareness of life's brevity. The second is the request to God to send the Holy Spirit. The third aspect is the request to ask for help to live in accordance with the Gospel. You will find various vocalists on this album such as Herve Lamy and numerous choirs like "Choeurs Gregorien de Paris" and "Choeurs des moniales benedictines." A very unique listening experience.

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