Virginia’s Run

Virginia's Run proved to be a delightful family film in the spirit of "Disney" films, but without the overtly sappy stereotypes, characters and preachy moral undertones. Virginia's run was well written with characters that had both depth and realistic motivations and reactions. The film centers around a father (Gabriel Byrne) and his two daughters Caroline (Rachel Skarsten) and Virginia (Lindze Letherman) who lost their mother in a horse racing accident. Other performances include: Joanne Whalley, Kevin Zegers, Robert Guy Miranda, and Jeremy Akerman. While the family must deal with this loss so must Virginia deal with her father's decree that she is to have nothing to do with horses despite her obvious riding talent. The way the movie's plot plays out is predictable, but with excellent performances by all and a great feel good ending, even if it is a little hokey, this film is truly a joy to watch.

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