Waterdown formed in 2000 in the town of Osnabruck, Germany. They were discovered by Grade's Kyle Bishop, who immediately hooked them up with Victory Records. Waterdown chose to record their Victory debut live, so that the band could feed off o­ne another's energy as they played. o­nly the vocals were recorded in studio, which enabled for precision mixing. Waterdown combines hardcore and metal along with pop punk riffs and emo vocals. Ingo Rieser (vocals) and Marcel Bischoff (vocals) mix delicate echoey vocals with ferocious yells, in tales of love and politics. This contrast between soft vocals and loud music stands out particularity o­n "Nails All Broken Short". Holger Behrens (guitar), Axel Pralat (guitar) and Christian Kruse tackle multiple guitar styles o­n this album. They even go as far as soft melodic breakdowns, as heard o­n "Dodging Bullets". Phil Meyer (drums) kicks out double bass lines and wild beats to compliment the continuos change of musical pace. Another standout is the final track o­n the album "13", which is a soothing instrumental segment. Waterdown explores many different musical styles and compacts it into o­ne album.

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