When Love Goes Wrong:

Once again Verve has produced a fantastic CD, re-mastered and sonically accurate, wonderfully solemn, and possibly the perfect collection of songs your soul is searching for after a valentine gone wrong.  The back of the CD warns: "Admit it, love stinks…This difficult listening for painful times may be the o­nly good choice you'll make regarding matters of the heart.  Coping strategies and self-help books?  Who needs them!  Slap this CD into the hi-fi and wallow. There is no hope." Billie Holiday's gut wrenching Good Morning Heartache sets the tone o­n this 15 track broken heart special.  The selection of timeless pieces by the likes of Chet Baker, Peggy Lee, Shirley Horn, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Tormé just to name a few, are sensational.    Are you feeling ditched or jilted?  Don't despair When Love Goes Wrong: Songs For The Broken-Hearted is now available at your local music store.

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