Who Is Corky Romano?

Chris Kattan stars as the goofy but loveable Corky, a bumbling assistant veterinarian whose happy go lucky life gets turned upside down when his mob family calls him to steal FBI evidence incriminating his father. In this screwball comedy, Peter Falk is solid as usual as Corky's father and Vinessa Shaw burns up the screen as Corky's love interest. She plays a fellow fed agent whom Corky meets when he goes under cover to get hold of the cops' evidence. The usual mayhem ensues in what many will find to be the typical sappy Hollywood pap. But the Corky character transforms into a multi-dimensional guy that eventually grows o­n you. Of course the turn of events is not very plausible, even by Hollywood standards, but if you're willing to suspend disbelief the movie has its charms. Richard Roundtree is far removed from his days as "Shaft". He plays the clueless FBI director who thinks Corky is just amazing. At least this picture is not afraid to spoof itself, as it proceeds to skewer the gay issue as well as the matter of illiteracy. Corky's two brothers are gay and illiterate, respectively, and while some may take offence at the rather insensitive manner in which they address these issues at least they are raising awareness, although in a somewhat clumsy way. Overall, some more mindless brain candy and not the worst way to entertain yourself o­n a cool autumn evening.

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