Wilco Visits Montreal

Wilco's Montreal debut was greeted by nearly a thousand swaying and bopping fans from far and near (tourists from Vermont and o­ntario abound). Wilco's varied musical landscape is a hotchpotch of several gendres; a mixture of rock, pop, country and folk. Comparisons to Tom Petty, Blue Rodeo and even Neil Young can easily be conceived… In 1995 from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo formed Wilco. Today's personnel include: John Stirratt (bass, vocals); Glen Kotche (drums/percussion, 2001- ); Leroy Bach (guitar, various instruments, 2001- ) and Jeff Tweedy (vocals, guitar, banjo, songwriting) who is the core creative spirit behind Wilco. His talent for songwriting is unique among the under thirty set. The hour and fifty minute concert at The Spectrum consisted of a few older gems from the "Being There" album as well as ten selections from their new CD, entitled "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot". Wilco will return south of the border for a few sold out shows in New York and then in May Wilco will embark o­n their European tour. Let's hope we won't have to wait another seven years to listen to this band's magic.

The Set List:

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
War o­n War
She's A Jar
Always In Love
Radio Cure
Shot In The Arm
Ashes Of American Flags
Jesus, etc.
Heavey Metal Drummer
Pot Kettle Black
Not For The Season
I'm The Man

***1st Encore***
Hesitating Beauty
California Stars
Passenger Side

***2nd Encore***
Red-Eyed & Blue
I Got You


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