Willie Nelson And Ray Price

Willie Nelson fans rejoice, for Nelson has released two wonderful recordings within the same week. "Live And Kickin," includes a fantastic array of talent performing with Nelson live (check out  our "Live And Kickin" review). This review though, will focus o­n Willie Nelson's latest collaboration with Ray Price, "Run That By Me o­ne More Time." Over 40 years ago Willie Nelson played bass for Ray Price's Cherokee Cowboys and Nelson appeared o­n Price's inaugural Bob Wills tribute album, "San Antonio Rose." Twenty years later Nelson and Price rejoined to record another San Antonio Rose album.  Nelson and Price are back yet again, this time they take a stroll through various western songs, old and new. Memorable traditional country shuffles by Fred Rose, "Deep Water" and Floyd Tillman's "This Cold War With You" are faithful to their original versions. Both Price and Nelson throw their own compositions into the fold. Price's original "Soft Rain" and Nelson's murky original "I'm So Ashamed" are seamlessly thrown into the blend. Price churned hits out of both "I Just Destroyed The World" and "I'm Still Not Over You"; ironically both of those songs were written by Nelson. Astonishingly, both Willie (70 years old)  and Ray (77 years old) still sound amazingly effervescent and youthful, preserving practically all of their vocal sincerity.

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