WWE- Trish Stratus / Special DVD Edition

You do not have to be a fan of wrestling to appreciate this soft-core tribute to o­ne of the WWE's most drooled over vixens. In fact all you need to enjoy Stratusfaction is a whole lot of testosterone. Voted "Babe of the Year" by wrestling devotees for three years in a row, the folks behind the scenes knew exactly what fans wanted. Sadly, unable to convince the Canadian diva to jump around naked for the entire disc, fans will have to settle for second best. o­ne word: bikinis. While the DVD claims that Trish Revealed (a candid look at the wrestling goddess's rise to fame) is the main attraction, it's the extra features which are guaranteed to get a, ahem, rise out of its viewers. If you happen to actually care about the wrestling, Guaranteed contains 4 matches which have Trish kicking ass at such prestigious events as WrestleMania XIX and InsurreXtion. However, if you've never gotten into the whole idea of the "male soap-opera", various clips which have the devious diva posing for countless photo shoots in barely-there outfits will have even the cynics praying about getting a chance to hop into the ring with Stratus.

Stratusfaction's bonus section packs more punches than a steel cage match:

-Trish Moments (including "Table Tips" and some hot tub action with Mr. Mcmahon)
-Trish Features (skin, skin and more skin)
-Trish Matches
-More Trish (including clips from the Much Music Awards and a guest stint o­n MadTV)

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